About Jake Burkart

I am a web developer with a passion for emerging technologies.  My expertise is in front end UI/UX development.  I use the latest frameworks and JavaScript libraries to create dynamic, lightweight web applications.  I have extensive experience with content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Fun Things About Me

I am the father of a teenager and a big lab-boxer mix.  I play guitar.  I admire true artists.  I speak my mind, and I push the envelope.


Sysomos Scout

Complete development of an Angular based enterprise web application. Working with my team at Ecom Enterprises, I acted as lead front end developer for the product. We used Angular and Node to consume RESTful endpoints provided by Datasift. Highcharts and D3 were used for data visualization. We created a powerful tool to let customers easily visualize millions of Facebook interactions.

NAMI Santa Clara

A WordPress build for good. Migrated content from a static HTML site. Trained staff on managing the WordPress site.

Clean Power Finance O&M

Client: Clean Power Finance Objective: Create a contract job bidding system for electricians and other solar professionals to bid on maintenance work in their region.  Fleet managers at CPF post the jobs and registered users place bids, accept work, complete the work, upload documents, and get paid. Challenges: Integrate Salesforce API to query system details and…

Iridium Flares

At one point I thought it would be fun to catch Iridium flare ups in photographs.  In order to do this, I had to know when and where the flare would occur.  I used Heavens-above.com to find them.  I would setup my telescope and get it aligned and tracking.  I would then point it in the…


I used about 20 images shot over one night to put this shot together. Shot in Shingletown, CA.