I have been diving into my new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Gear VR. It really is amazing stuff. But now I’m deciding there should be a few acronyms to sort out the various configurations of the technology.

Here is my list of acronyms.

  • VR – Virtual Reality
  • MVR – Mobile Virtual Reality, using a headset with only lenses and possibly some control inputs to experience VR with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.
  • CbVR – Cardboard Virtual Reality.  This VR experience uses Google cardboard application and a low cost (often made from cardboard) VR headset.  There are typically no controls built in to these interfaces, other than a magnet.
  • FVR/FeVR – Full VR/Full Experience VR.  This is using an all-in-one device such as the Oculus Rift.  This headset will come with an integrated screen, lenses, electronic compass/gyroscope, wifi, blutooth, camera, and any other hardware to make the best VR experience possible.